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Ladies Purse and Hand Bag in Bangladesh

Fashion-conscious people want to add something new to their fashion after several days. Nowadays, the word ‘fashionable’ not only confined in stylish dress and shoes. A nice bag can bring to the amazement in your whole look, added extra beauty on your dress and makeup. I will gossip with you about the best ladies hand purse. Let’s go.

Recently women extensively used hand purse or hand bad. But its trend began in the sixteenth century. Handbag has established as the symbol of women modernity in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Present time hand purse is getting more prominence to enhance the fame and fashion. It's a finishing touch of last makeup.

Various types of hand purse are available in the online market. These are different in terms of size, shape and color. For example Tote bag, Messenger bag, Knapsack, Purse, Box bag, Clutch Bag, Botua etc.

Tote Bag

This type hand bag is popular among the young lady. Generally, tote bag made of leather or fabric. But now it is made of synthetic materials. This bag is long but handle is short. Tote bag adds an extra dimension to your fashion.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is more trendy and stylish. Its only carrying on the shoulders. It also called side purse or mail bag. Usually it made of fabrics, leather, plastic, jute and artificial materials. This bag hanging on one side of the shoulder is now titled hip-hop stylish.


Knapsack can make of fabric or leather. This bag does not have any separate lock system. Only scrambled by the rope. There is no separate pocket on this bag. Colorful fabrics knapsack is available everywhere Black, White, Pink, Ash, Green, Gray, Multi-color knapsack is available in our warehouse.

Clutch Bag

Clutch bag is the most popular women’s hand purse. It's a hard type bag. Different colors and shapes bag are available in the online shop. Such as, black, white, green, gray, purple, multi etc. Many types of clutch bags are available in the market with