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Best rain gear product collection in Bangladesh | Jadroo

According to the behavior of nature, the season changes after a certain time. Each season has different effects on human life. The rainy season has a great effect in our daily life. A loving obsession is felt in the morning-evening-night on a rainy day. Maithil Kavi Kokil Vidyapati was writing “এ ভরা বাদর, মাহ ভাদর, শূন্য মন্দির মোর,” Mahakavi Kalidas (Classical Sanskrit writer) Meghdutam poetry rainy cloud is not only cloud, in which desire of the love the lover. The Rabindranath Tagore also has a lot amount of rainy odd with us. Everyone likes to enjoy the rain sit in the house. But rainfall have many harmful impact in our daily lives. Rain gear is essential to escape from the worst impact. Such as, Flux, Cough, Fever, Throat pain, Headache, Allergies and many more.

We use various types of rain gear to protect ourselves from rain and sun. For example,

Umbrella: The umbrella is a widely used and known monsoon rain gear. The umbrella uses history is many years ago. Today umbrella structure is the result of many evolution. We have a premium quality umbrella collection. Different types of umbrella are available in our online store. Such as, kids umbrella, long handle umbrella, classic umbrella, golf umbrella, reverse umbrella, foldable umbrella, automatic umbrella, manual umbrella, bubble umbrella, storm umbrella, car umbrella, UV protect umbrella etc. Umbrella not only protect from rain also protect sun and UV rays. These types of colorful and modern umbrella are available in our warehouse for ladies and gents with reasonable price. Have a good reviews of buyers or users about our umbrella.

Raincoat: The raincoat is a waterproof coat. The father of the modern water resist raincoat is Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh. One the time raincoat is a popular rain gear for students, bikers and travelers.  Umbrella can’t always protect you from heavy rain and storm. Children and adults, men and women are all wearing slicker. Especially the kindergarten kids are very happy use the raincoat. Different types and branded good quality waterproof raincoat are available in the jadroo online shop.  Such as, kids raincoat, portable raincoat, hello kitty raincoat, transparent raincoat, PVC raincoat, fabric raincoat etc.  These slicker have some benefits, likewise waterproof, breathable, eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and colorful. So buy these unisex raincoat visit our rain gear category.

Rain Boot: Rain, rain, go away... but while you’re here, let me pull out my rain boots!  Yes, rain boot protect you and your kindergarten child from heavy rain and clay. Generally, rain boot made of polyurethane material. It also known as gumboot. Anti-skid rain boot suitable for traveling and who live in village. Gum boot safe your foot from bacteria and garbage while rainy time. We import different type of rain boot from China. So you can buy these anti-slip and eco-friendly gumboot sit in the home by affordable price.

Shoe Cover: Shoe cover is an important item while rainy season. It protects your favorite shoes and sneaker from rain water and clay. Normally shoe cover made of PVC and ABS materials. This product is awesome for traveling lover. Jadroo has a lot of shoe cover collections. So you can buy your choosy one among these collection through online. Please compare waterproof shoe cover price in BD before order.

However, JadRoo e-commerce supply the best umbrella, raincoat, backpack and other rain gear collection in Bangladesh for comfortable your pathway in rainy time. This arrangement for all kinds of adult & kids, ladies and gents. So, buy to your expected high-quality umbrella and raincoat visit our exclusive rain gear collection and check our umbrella price in Bangladseh.