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Hygienic and Best Water Bottle in Bangladesh | Jadroo

The water pot is an important pot in our daily life. Specialists said that ‘some water bottle is too much harmful for the human body’. So some questions arise in front of the user. Such as, which bottles are good for health? Why an ordinary water bottle is harmful? Let’s know-

Different types of water bottles are available in the Dhaka city market at online and offline shop. Such as plastic bottle, glass bottle, aluminum water pot, silicon water bottle, stainless steel and metal water bottle. The researcher said that glass water bottle is the best. But the plastic water bottle is too much popular among them. Because of plastic bottle price is cheaper than others. Plastic is a matter of concern! Ordinary plastic contains Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is a poisonous chemical ingredients. Some plastic bottle manufacture company already aware of this issue. Because they are feeling the harmful effects of BPA. But all plastic bottle is not toxic-free. The same issue arise on silicone. Some silicone water bottle is made of food-grade silicone. Bottle design, print, colour and size is an important topic. Frequently we see that round shape water pot, square shape water bottle, hello kitty print thermal bottle, the flamingo print bottle is available in the foreign and local online shop.

Where are you find out BPA free water bottles?

Many online and offline shop are selling different kind of water bottles. But all bottle is not safe and hygienic. Jadroo is the trusted online shop for the best water bottle. You can say that ‘why jadroo best?’ Jadroo imports and delivers 100% quality and hygienic water bottle from China, Taiwan and UK. Obviously you can buy 100% BPA free plastic water bottle, food grade silicone water bottle and exclusive design water bottle from jadroo at an affordable price in BD. You can say jadroo is the best online water bottle shop in Dhaka. We provide home delivery all over Bangladesh within committed time.