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Best Blanket & Comforter Collection in 2020 | Jadroo

Blanket is an important winter comforter. If you want to sleep comfortably in winter when you feel need a blanket for enjoy warmth. In the 8th century, an Englishman named Thomas Blanket (Blanquette), made a blanket from wool fabric. Usually, blanket made of acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, cotton fleece and wool. Wool, polyester and cotton is the common materials for Blanket. Wool blanket is thicker but heavy, warmer and substantial. Other hand, cotton blanket is also lightweight. Foreign blankets also made of exotic material like crocheted afghan or a silk cover.

This blanket or comforter is an essential for all rich and poor, children and adult during winter. Many types of blanket are available in Bangladesh. Such as, single blanket, bauble blanket, kids blanket and newborn baby blanket.  

However, honestly speak that it is so tough find out a best quality comfortable blanket at lower price in Bangladesh. Local manufacture blanket may be available but foreign! Right, best foreign blanket is not available. Even new born baby comforter too. Good news for yours. Jadroo online shop has a lot of blanket collection. We import many types blanket from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Taiwan and China. 

Jadroo always provides unique items for you. Jadroo sells which type of product you won't find it anywhere in BD. We have fasted delivery system and reliable return policy. So don’t worry. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of Jadroo online shop.