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Best Face Wash in Bangladesh - Jadroo

Face wash is one of the most popular cosmetics both of women and men. Face wash is used instead of soap to remove dirt from the skin. But it is a very important thing that the uses of face wash according to your skin type.

Which face wash is best for your skin?

Our skin has verity as like oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin; similarly, there are various types of face wash available in the market. Gel face wash for oily skin, cream face wash for dry skin can be used. But it is the best way to consult a dermatologist for sensitive & acne-prone skin.

Top brand

Many renowned branded face wash & face cosmetics are available at offline & online market in Bangladesh. The most popular among those- L’Oreal, Uniliver, Tea Tree, Clean & Clear, Dove, Pantene, Sunsilk, Neutrogena etc. But recently has known some concerns about these face washes. Environment & Social Development Organization (ASDO) has said that the presence of microbes or plastic fragment in the face wash of many renowned brands. So, consultation should be taken from experts.

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