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1. why do we need eight cups of water a day? 50%-60% in human tissue is water. The body needs enough water to maintain its normal physiological function. Every calorie intake requires a milliliter of water at the same time to maintain metabolic balance. The average person needs 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. The weight is equivalent to eight cups (about 200 milliliters per cup).

2. correct intake of water. It's wrong to drink water when you're thirsty, which means that the cells in your body are already dehydrated before you feel thirsty. But excessive intake of water also increases the burden on the kidneys. But those who take less than 5 cups of water are susceptible to constipation and other symptoms, which can lead to dark complexion, dryness and dryness of the outside oil. So it is not enough to complete the task by drinking 1.5 litres every day. We usually eat food, such as vegetables, fruit drinks, and so on will contain water, if you eat fruit and soup today, and then drink enough eight glasses of water, you may be drinking too much water.

3. notes on "drinking eight cups of water a day" Scientific replenishment A. Drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning and lie on the right side for 15 minutes. This will help regulate the function of liver and gallbladder and promote normal defecation. B. It's not appropriate to drink too much water after meals. Because too much water will only dilute the digestive juice in the stomach, affecting the digestion and absorption of food. C. should not drink too much before going to bed. In order to prevent water stagnation, the whole body will become edema and pouch formation. D. It's best to drink warm boiled water. Ice water stimulates the stomach and intestines, hindered digestion and secretion, aggravates the burden of digestive organs and leads to indigestion. E. avoid drinking raw water. F. Milk, fruit and vegetable juice, soup, etc. should also be recorded in the daily water consumption, to prevent excessive drinking for the kidney burden. G. when summer sweating and exercise are sweating, we can replenish the brine and replenish the body fluid. Cells in the body are constantly metabolizing, eliminating waste and emitting heat. To maintain a constant internal environment, it is important to maintain water intake and balance. The total amount of water discharged by adults is about 2500ml per day. Among them, the skin evaporated sweat 700ml, lungs exhaled Steam Water 300ml, urine output 1350ml, feces excreted 150ml

4. water demand In order to maintain water balance, the minimum daily requirement of adults is about 2500ml. Replenishing the lost water, 1 200 ml of beverage, 1 000 ml of food and 300 ml of metabolic water produced by biological oxidation were obtained.

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