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Exclusive Men Wallet and Card Holder Collection in Bangladesh | Jadroo

Luxurious pants-shirts-shoes but torn in wallet! If that is the true then you unsmart. Exclusive wallet, glass, watch, bracelet, finger ring adds an extra dimension on your style. Wallet or money bag is an important men fashion item among these.

The use of wallet is increasing day by day among the boys. Moneybag or wallet means money or coin bag but now use not only money also debit card, credit card, visiting card, ID card and even key ring. Some wallets are made in this way that can be used for both card holder and wallet.

Wallet Design and Shape

There are several types of wallets available in the Dhaka city market. Like smaller, longer, taller, less chamber, more chamber, etc. Wallet is made of genuine leather, artificial leather, PU leather, rexene sheet, synthetic, jute and buttons. Difference cases is made of special fabric. It’s contain world-renowned paintings, flags of different countries, logos of sports clubs, the history of currency, alphabetical views of the country and foreign culture.

Exclusive Card Holder

Most of employees prefer card holder type wallet. This type of wallet have many chambers facility. Some wallets have SIM card chamber and SIM card removing pin chamber. Even you keep your favorite smart mobile phone. Students prefer a small sized wallet to hold an ID Card. At present, there is also a wallet that allows you to keep your hobby mobile.

Digital Wallets in Bangladesh

Upgrade version wallets are available at jadroo online shop. Jadroo imports different kinds of digital wallet form china for men and women. Digital wallet lets you track it via your smartphone. Its micro tracking chip gives signal so you can find the location of your purse where it’s lost or forget.

Exclusive Mobile Phone Wallet

One can carry smartphone as well by mobile phone wallet. Some wallet you can carry earphone, ear pod and others. You will find out different pattern quality wallet at country trusted online shopping mall jadroo.

Quality Wallet Affordable Price in Bangladesh

Wallet price depend on material and quality. Synthetic material wallet price within 200 – 500 Tk. PU lather wallet price within 500 – 1000 Tk. Genuine leather wallet price within 700 – 4000 Tk. Handmade wallet will meet your choice. It’s made of jute or fabric. Price no more access. 

Where Are You Found A Genuine Men Wallet?

“চামড়ার মানিব্যাগ ১০০ টাকা, প্যাকেট থেকে নিবেন ৩০০ টকা” sometimes you have to hear this type of canvas when you get out the home. Are you go there? What is the experience of buying a wallet from there? I can undoubtedly say that experience is horrible. Because, this wallet has punched your personality.

Many people go to different shopping center in Dhaka city include Gulistan, Newmarket, Farmgate, Polwell to find good quality wallets. I think they have disappointed. Even many people have become fool sometimes buy so called online shop.

The jadroo online shop can be a trusted e-commerce for quality wallet all of you. Jadroo has large collection of foreign and local wallets. Their money bag price is also lower than other online and offline shop in Bangladesh. You can order sit in your home and get desired time delivery. So visit jadroo website for exclusive wallet collection in BD.