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Men-women everyone likes to beautify according to their imagination and choice. Once upon a time, fashion meant only girls' makeup and style. But the era has changed and also changed the human attitude. Men's fashion trends have changed in response to this change.

Men's fashion doesn’t mean as usual make up products like women use. It indicates dress code and others. There are different types of dress codes (Approximate 6 type). Like formal dress code, semi-formal dress code, casual dress code, business casual, smart casual and streetwear. Let’s know about various men's fashion items and code.


Streetwear called domestic clothing. Commonly short pants, three-quarter pants, two-quarter pants, round neck T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt, sleeveless T-shirt etc. In winter, many people wear trousers and T-shirts at home. It's also part of streetwear. Loafer and sandal is the perfect footwear for this dress.

Casual Code

Several types of casual clothing are favorite within men. Shirt, T-shirt, half-sleeve, full-sleeve etc. dresses are more popular. Jeans, gabardine, wool pants can be worn at the bottom part. You can wear thick and large dial watches; a loafer, keds and sneakers for casual code.

Business Casual

Business casual means half formal half casual. Whatever shirt, T-shirt but must have a collar. Many men go to the office wearing business casual dress. Although every office does not allow these types of dress. You can follow this code out of the office. There is no obligation to wear formal pants with this code. You can wear the wide leather or artificial leather belt and smartwatch if you want.

Formal Fashion

It's a complete official look. Where there is no excessive colour on the shirt. Must choose a soft colour, like white, light blue, sky, cream colour etc. Full sleeve shirts and ties are mandatory. The Oxford shoes are the most suitable for this dress code. Leather or chain belt wrist-watch, formal waist belt add a different look. Overall, a tie-coat-suit-boot looks awesome in this code.

Semi-formal Fashion

Usually, it is evening or night clothing. Americans and British citizens wear a different dress at that time. Such as, Americans wear Tuxedo and British wear Inner Jackets. The coat is worn over the shirt in this code. The pants have strips of the same colour on both sides. Oxfam patent leather shoe, opera pump shoe is the perfect footwear.

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