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Suitable School Bag for your Baby | JadRoo

Will your child go to the school first? Have you bought a nice schoolbag for your adorable baby? Does the bag really suitable the little baby? Those questions are very important for your baby and you. Because of, if the bag is unfit then may have extra pressure on the spine. Many of us have heard Kabir Sumon's song স্কুলের ব্যাগটা বড্ড ভারী, আমরা কি আর বইতে পারি/ এও কি একটা শাস্তি নয়, কষ্ট হয়, কষ্ট হয়, আমার কষ্ট বুঝতে চাও, দোহাই পড়ার চাপ কমাও/ কষ্ট হয়, কষ্ট হয়। This song is not only mere poet's imagination of school-going children. This is a reality. You should know that those characteristics of perfect school bag before start new year. Because, new year mean new school or new class. So, be careful that don’t face any obstacle the joy of new school at the beginning of the new year. Let’s know how to avoid this problem.

How to choose a perfect school?

School mean books, notebook, pen, pencil, tiffin box, water bottle and how much equipment to take with students. Many types colourfull school bag are available in the offline and online market to carry those. Some school bag details are highlighted for your consideration.

Trolley Bag

Trolley bag is more than convenient with any other school bag. Because, this bag does not need to be carried on the back or shoulder. Can be dragged or pull by hand. Your baby can be carried more equipment than any other bag. However, you should be emphasized this bag handle and wheels when purchasing a trolley bag.

Cartoon Shape Backpack

Backpack is the best school bag. This bag has multi compartment. Kids can put up separately book, notebook, pen, eraser, geometric box, tiffin box. Different branded and design school bag are available in the online shop in BD. Such as, Cute Animals Owl Frog Baby, Children’s Cartoon School Bag, Kindergarten bag, Ruz Dora explorer school bag etc.

Perfect Weight and Size

It’s very important think that bag size and weight. Because, if it is unfit with the baby weight and size then harmful for baby health.

If the bag is too much large then it will put extra weight on the baby’s neck, back and spine. It can damage the baby bone structure.

The Germany institution name AGR was formed in 1995. The institution has to raise awareness about back health. Their advice, the weight of an empty bag should not exceed 1.3 kg. That is, the bag does not feel loaded or burdensome to the baby. Exceed weight doesn’t matter for a healthy baby, but it is definitely harmful for a weak baby.


  • Adjust the perfect size and weight of the child's age.
  • Buy a bag that reflects a child's imagination.
  • Soft foam should be attached to the back of the backpack.
  • Emphasizes the zipper issue.
  • Verify water resistance.

Best platform to find out quality school bag

There are numerous bag shops in offline markets including Baitul Mukarram, New Market in the capital of Bangladesh. Many online shops also sell school bag. But it’s so tough find out the best school bag at affordable price. Jadroo online shop ensuing you in this issue. We import various types of school bags from China and Taiwan. Overall, Jadroo is the best online school bag shop in Dhaka.