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Perfect Feeder and Nipple for Your Baby

Feeder and nipple are the familiar sound of the mothers. These are used to feed artificial food of a newborn baby after six months. But don't apply to all babies. If the mother doesn't produce enough milk for some unexpected reason or she can't breastfeed her baby due to illness or any other reason then doctors advise feeding artificial milk through the feeder. The feeder is the bottle of baby milk and the nipple is bottle teat.

Baby feeders and nipples play a vital role in giving a healthy life to your baby. So you have to careful to select feeder and nipple. You have to know the feeder using method properly.

How to clean a feeder and nipple?

Separate brushes use to clean the feeder and nipple. Never keep open the nipple. Properly drain water and cover with the lid after feeding. The feeder will boil with hot water twice daily. You are firstly cleaning with liquid soap, powder or feeder cleaning liquid. Then wash with purified water or boiling hot water for the last time. If you are breastfeeding again and again, then it is difficult to keep clean. So put a few feeders in use at the same time. Use one feeder at a time.

Next time you are breastfeeding in another feeder and nipple. You have to change the nipples of each feeder after three to four months. You can't use one feeder for more than one year. The feeder brush should be dried after the wash. If spread smell then has a chance to attack cockroach. After cleaning the feeder and nipple brush, please dry and preserve it in the lid box. Please choose the branded product and check the expiration date.

Where Are Available The Hygienic Baby Feeder and Nipple in Bangladesh?

Various types of baby feeders and nipples are available in the local market. Recently many online shops started to sell different baby items include feeder and nipple. Many companies fail to provide the best feeders. Some baby feeders and nipple brands are popular worldwide. Such as, Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent anti colic, Comotomo, Medella, Dr Brown, Lasinoh Momma, Playtex Ventaire, Evenflow, NUK simply natural, MAM etc. Generally, most of the bottle is made of plastic. Frequently plastic contains BPA. BPA means bisphenol A. It's an industrial chemical. It indicates polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Overall, BPA is a toxic. Not only BPA, you also should be taken care of Lead, Phthalate, PVC and BPS.

Jadroo always very aware of this issue. We import health-friendly feeders and nipple into your baby's safe future. We import a different kind of baby goods. So, you can order now any essential goods for your adorable baby. Jadroo ensures that your baby's good health is our major concern. So we don't compromise about quality.