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Best kids and mom online shop in BD

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Kids and mom care is the most important issue for any family. Negligence in care of kids & mom means ‘To dig one's own grave’. So be careful. We use many items to take care of our kids or their mother. All of these products are categorized as Kids and Mom products. Maximum moms are worried about buying these products. Because the market has been overflowing with low-quality products. reassures you about the quality of the products we import for kids and their mother. So, let’s know what kind of products you need. 


The infant stage characterizes 0-12 months and the toddler stage is 12-36 months. Their hands, feet, head, skin and whole body is too sensitive. So, you have to take extra care of your adorable newborn baby. You need different kinds of accessories to take care of them. Such as a bath tab, bath towel, bath shower mug for the bath. Baby bib is an important cloth to protect saliva. Since the skin of newborn babies is too sensitive, so their clothes should be soft. We recommend some exclusive toddler dresses. Such as, Elizabeth Nava Dress, Baby Swaddle Blanket, Baby Romper Winter Clothes, Baby Romper Yellow Minions Clothing etc. We have a huge assortment different types of infant products like Baby Bibs, Baby Care, Baby Feeder, Baby Walker, Bath Tub, Bottle Cleaning Brush, Cap, Dress, Head Bands, Infant shoe boy, Infant shoe girl, Infant Toothbrush, Infant Toys, Milk Powder Bottle, Nipple, Socks and many more.


For Kids

Generally, 3 to 6 years old babies are called kids. Need a lot of things to become an adult man from a kid. For sports, study, fashion we use different things. Such as a school bag, school dress, geometry box, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil cutter to go to school. The potty, safety nail cutter, medicine feeding tool, learning tool, for extra care. Bring the amazing item for your kids, fill the child's frolic with joy. You can find different valuable products for your preschooler and school-age child. We have unique kids collections like Baby Gear, Baby Hair Decoration, Baby Socks, Baby Sunglasses, Baby Watch, Boys Fashion, Children Cycle, Girls Fashion, Kids Luggage, kids shoe boy, kids shoe girl, Play Mat, School Bag, Study Player, Umbrella & others. 



Mother is an important part of our life. Special care is required pre-maternity and after maternity. Pregnancy time and maternity time is the most important time for a mother. Need different things to take care of the mother. Jadroo has arranged different kinds of Mom’s products considering the comfort and need of the mothers. You will find the necessary things before and after the baby is born. Such as Baby Carrier & Holder, Mummy's Cloths, Mummys Bag etc. has some unique collections in this category.


Toys are one of the most important things for a kid's mental development. Different kinds of toys are available in the online market in Bangladesh. Such as Battery toy, Electric toy, Remote control toy, Educational toy, Plush toy, Doll and many more. Jadroo is one of the best online kids toy shops in Dhaka. You can find your desired quality toy from our website. Jadroo imports various types of toys from China. So don’t worry, please visit our website or facebook page for kids toys- Baby Riders, Battery Toys, Dolls, Education Toys, Mini Handy Fan, Others, Remote Control Toys, Toy Sets, Transformer & many more. 

Overall, Jadroo is a reliable online kids shop in Bangladesh for all types of kids and mom products. We provide original kids & mom products at an affordable price. To get amazing deals to visit our Kids & Mom category. We are waiting for your order, so what are you waiting for. Go grab some exciting products from