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Wall Decor Product in Bangladesh

Do your wall becoming dirty? Upcoming some occasion. Do you want decorate your wall at low cost? Jadroo online shop bring on simple solution. Different types wall decor paper is the magic of this solution.

Wall decor paper is an element of covering and decorating the interior walls of house, offices, cafe, kitchen and any kind of building wall. It is also a part of the interior decoration.

The use of wallpaper began in European civilization.  In 17th century handmade wall stickers were used. In the modern era use of different machine made wall decor paper. These made of Vinyl, POS, ABS etc.

Many types of wall décor (দেয়াল সজ্জা) items are available in the online shop in BD. Such as, Wall mat, Photo frame, Wall drawing, Wallpaper, Wall sticker, Orchid plant, Switch sticker, Toilet sticker, Wall rack and so on.

Wall Mat

Wall mat is the most popular wall decor item. It’s easy to make up at lower cost. The wall mat normally made of wood, bamboo, fabric, fiber, ABS, PP and many more materials. If you want to make up setting in the home. You can use different painting, drawing, handicraft etc.

Photo Frame

Photo frame is a decorative item. It easily enhances your room and wall beauty You can be captured by frame the nature, wild, flower, forest, river, mountain favorite one. Photo frame have traditionally been made of wood but now used silver, bronze, aluminum, ABS, plastics and polystyrene. Photo frame had a long history.


Wallpaper is one of the popular wall décor item. It will decorate any kind of wall very easily. Various types wallpaper are available in the online market. Such as painted wallpaper, hand-printed block wood wallpaper, hand-printed stencil wallpaper, machine-printed wallpaper, and flock wallpaper. At the present time have been added new dimensions to this field. Likewise, Inkjet print wallpaper, High-tech wallpaper, Seismic wallpaper. In 1712, during the reign of Queen Anne was introduced wallpaper.

Wall Sticker

Do you want to show your wall more gorgeous? Do you want to decorate your wall at lower cost? Wall sticker might be a great solution to decorate your wall. The wall sticker made of PVC or Vinyl. This wall decor suitable for drawing room, bed room, kitchen, kid’s room and reading room. But have some variety according to your accommodation size, type and choice. Wall and glue are very important for wall stickers. Please read how to use wall sticker section for this issue.

You can use natural scenery print, flower print, animal print and your imaginary character for drawing and bed room. Various kinds of delicious food and vegetable print wall sticker can be used your kitchen. A famous person, educational theory, educational elements, universal speech printed or your choice drawing print wall sticker can use for reading room. You may be wondering, where to find these attractive wall stickers? It’s very simple to buy best quality wall sticker at affordable price in BD. You can visit Jadroo online shop for premium quality wall sticker. Jadroo imports good quality and colourful wall sticker from China, Honkong, Taiwan, Dubai and UK.

Switch Sticker

Switch sticker is the new invention to decorate and keep safe your electric switch. You can add extra beauty using the animal shape, flower shape, plant shape and cartoon shape sticker. This sticker will express your interest fancy.

Toilet Sticker

Toilet sticker is the kind of level paper. It’s part of wall sticker. This sticker is very popular to decorate in the bathroom or toilet. The bathroom is the most essential room in our house. The beauty of the bathroom is mean that how much you are aware. This sticker adds a new value in your fancy. But this product is not available anywhere in Bangladesh. Jadroo online is reliable for any kind of Toilet Sticker stickers at a lower price.

Wall Selection (দেয়াল সাজাতে করনীয়)

Wall stickers are basically suitable for water proof and wash proof walls. You can apply 3D painting on the ceiling. Bright lighting and exquisite design suitable for small rooms. If you have large wall then you can use light color wallpaper. Apply colorful cartoons, floral print, animal print, alphabet print for kids room; butterflies and rustic floral print in drawing-dining room. The light color sticker is suitable for bedroom. If you want, so you can highlight any wall to use wallpaper. In this case, you can use different designs wallpapers and put a spotlight. The wall color must be match furniture and curtain color.

How to Use (ওয়ালপেপার লাগানোর নিয়ম)

Wall sticker using rules is very simple. Select your preferred walls. Please notice that the wall must be dry and smooth. Wallpaper can be used directly on plastered walls or painted walls. Apply adhesive to a clean wall, then the side of the paper to be applied to the wall. Wallpaper can also be placed directly on the plaster. Wall sticker is cost less than painting. Calculating the square foot of the carpeting area of ​​each wall is usually applied to the wallpaper. Can be applied extinguishing plaster pasted primer.

However, wallpaper doesn’t matter, it is important to note whether there is a damping inside. If your wall is dumped then have used 'Damp WallProof Solutions'. This solution should be placed in the dump place before and after the wallpaper. This will not harm the wallpaper. Have an extra benefit to use wallpaper that it can be easily cleaned.

Different types of wall decor paper are available in the online market. I appreciate you that please visit our wall sticker category for your desired quality local and foreign wallpaper. You can say that jadroo is the largest online home decor item shop in Dhaka. Jadroo provides a lot of original wall sticker at a cheaper price in Bangladesh. So decorate your house and enjoy the desired beauty.