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Best Curtain in Bangladesh - Jadroo

Every man has a hobby that is beautifully decorated and arranged their dream home. Different home decor items are used to complete the decoration task. The Curtain is one of the important and attractive home decor items. I would like to discuss what kind of curtain is suitable for your room. You should consider some issue. Like how to decorate a room with curtain, colour combination, how to find quality curtain, how many price and blah blah.

In order to curtain selection, a few things should be kept in mind. For example, what kind of room want to decorate, room size, room shape etc. Even consider the seasons prove intelligence.

Types of Curtain

Mainly a curtain is a piece of cloth intended to block obscure light or dust. But now its use sphere is very expanding. Although, initially the curtain made of bamboo or cloth but now a days it’s made of different materials. Such as, wood, vinyl, PVC, rubber, silk, jute, polyester and so on.

How to Choice A Quality Curtain

Room size is an important issue to uses curtain. If your room is confined than you can used light color and design. The room look likes enough space and feels comfortable. If your house have an enough space then you can choose any colour and design. If your house is diagonal shaped then you can put a zigzag line designed curtain. Windows and door measurement is an important matter for hanging the curtain. You can use airy curtains in the summer and deep color heavy curtains suitable for winter seasons. If you want to put two-layer curtain; heavy layer on the exterior part and light net curtain in the interior part. Please check your room dimensions correctly before buying the curtain.

I think you are worried about to find out the quality curtain in online. We assure you the quality curtain at cheaper price. We have a large collection of the best curtain. Jadroo imports unique and colorful curtain from China, Dubai, Taiwan and Honkong. Please check curtain price in BD before buying.