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Pillow and Cushion in Bangladesh

Pillow must be a unique symbol of civilization. The universality of pillows is that it has become an essential part of sleep for all people in all countries. Newly has added a cushion. Cushion mainly home decor item but somehow used as a pillow. There is no alternative to pillow and cushion to sleep comfortable and decorate the house.

Cushion is modern comforter and beautifier but pillow has an ancient history. Roman and Greeks introduced a soft pillow technique in the evolution of time. They were the first to create a soft pillow with feathers, animal hair and various dry spinach.

There is not more diversity in everyday sleeping pillow. But can keep variance of the materials. Such as, bombax ceiba cotton pillow, carpus cotton pillow, foam pillow, plush pillow etc. Three types pillow are available in market; daily normal pillow, bolster pillow and travel pillow.

A cushion is a soft mini pillow. It’s made of some ornamental material, stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, even paper torn into fragments. Many types of cushion are available in our online warehouse.

Travel Pillow Cushion: Travel pillow is an important pillow for travelers. Because it can be used for train, plane, bus and anywhere. This cushion will take action as a tonic to give you the comfort of traveling. It is very lightweight so easy to transport. This travel pillow is made of stuffed wool and plush staple fiber.

Fruits Shape Cushion: Just awesome cushion. It will seem fruit but actually the cushion. We import different fruits shape plush stuffed cushion from China. Such cushions will really bring extraordinary looks at your home.

Animal Shape Plush Toy: This plush doll look like live animal but it is stuffed doll or cushion. Animal shape plush doll is very favorite for kids and pet lovers. It is really impossible to get these cushions from any other online shop without jadroo online in Bangladesh.

Emoji or Cartoon Shape Cushion: This type cushion express your different feelings of mind. Like alas, angry, smiling, sad etc. You can order now to decorate your bed, sofa, chair, divan and so on. Aarong, Jatra, Keykraft, Joyta and others brand provides this type cushion. But we add foreign cushion collection.


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