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The house decoration expresses our fancy.  Everyone decorates their houses by their own imagination. The sense of beauty, the financial condition of the Bangladeshi customers and the usefulness of the products in the context of Bangladesh are the key facts of the Home Decor category. Now you will find world classes home decor products in Bangladesh at online shop.

We use different elements to decorate our room. The decoration is difference depend on room and accommodation. We decorate each room in a different way. Such as drawing room decoration and kitchen decoration are obviously different. If one decorate him/her drawing room with kitchen decorating items, I would call the bullshit idea. So, we should know perfectly before decorating how to decorate a house.

Drawing Room Decoration Tips

The drawing room is one of the important areas of your house. Most of the houses drawing-room locations on the front side. You can make the drawing-room attractive by combining demand and price. Starting from furniture, curtains, floors, walls everywhere will bring newly touch. You can also apply traditional 'terracotta' or 'terracotta wall tiles' to the drawing-room wall. Use a cushion to adjust the sofa. You can decorate your drawing room wall with decorative flower verse, plastic flower, small showpieces, painting, wall mate, wall sticker, wallpaper, photo frame and many more. Electric light is another important thing for interior decoration. So be careful to choose energy bulb, led bulb and chandelier.

The curtain is another essential decor item for inner decoration. In the case of curtain, heavy silk, net or silk valence sewing is the best. Suitable floor mats can be layout to the floor in combination with the color of the sofa and curtain. You can place the crystal flower vase on the center table.

Bed Room Decoration Tips

Bed room is an essential part of the home. So, decorate according to your dream and imagination. The bed is the most attractive furniture in this room. Need bed sheet, pillow, pillow cover, blanket and quilt to decorate your comfortable bed. Beautiful and luxurious bed sheet will reflect your beauty. So we should be careful to select this bed comforter. You can use a deep color floor mat in coordination with your bed comforter colour. Your favorite wall sticker will paint a fantasy world.

Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our home. Many people are careless about the kitchen. But the family members good health depends on the cleanliness of the kitchen. Various kitchen tools you can use to make cooking easier. Such as, frying pan, non-stick pan, microvan, spatula, kitchen knife, fork, spoon, rice cooker etc. We use oil absorbent paper to absorb extra oil, table mat for decorate dining table. You can hang a hanger in the kitchen wall to well use in space. Many chefs apply wall sticker, wallpaper, photo frame to decorate the kitchen wall. Wall cabinet and rake also use to organize kitchen tools.

Bathroom Decoration

In the present time, interior design is deeply embedded in the daily life. Bathroom decoration is equally important like your drawing room, bedroom, reading room and kitchen. Every person wants to use this room according to their own choice. Your bathroom must be decorated to adjacent to the other room. Toilet decoration is changing on design, size with the change of time. Similarly, the bathroom looks different due to difference of gender, age and location. Many people like to keep dark-light. You make sure that each bulb has a separate plastic or glass cover when put up electric lamps. Try to keep the rest of the area dry except the bath. Keep separate bath part and toilet part. Especially take care of toilet flush; if the toilet flush is wasted then stop using the toilet. You can use a bathroom organizer or wall-mounted storage rack to keep soap, face wash, toothpaste, hand wash and other cosmetics. A metal folding wall rack put you toilet wall for hanging towel or other clothing. Use an anti-slip toilet mat for comfort. You can also use a toilet commode sticker to decorate the commode and use the toilet plunger to the suction commode. At last, use different effective toilet cleaner to protect bacteria germs. Don’t forget to use a tissue tray and dispenser in the wall.

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