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GERMNIL Hand Sanitizer 5 Litre

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Generic Name : Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Other Ingredients. Type : Liquid 1 unit =1 Container Army Pharma Ltd
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  • 1) Brand name: Gemnil Hand Sanitizer
    2) Composition: Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Other Ingredients.
    3) Presentation: 50 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml
    4) Pack size master carton: Each master carton contains 50 ml Germnil Hand Sanitizer 100 bottles,
    250 ml Germnil Hand Sanitizer 20 bottles & 500 ml Germnil Hand Sanitizer 10 bottles.
    5) Advantage:
     GERMNIL Hand Sanitizer has been manufactured by World Health Organization
    recommended formula. In market there are two types of water free hand hygiene products,
    one is Ethanol based and another is Isopropyl Alcohol based. Ethanol based water free hand
    hygiene product known as Hand Sanitizer. On the other hand, Isopropyl Alcohol based
    known are Hand Rub. Hand Rub is not for naked hand. They specially use to sanitize surgical
    gloves before operation. That is why; we have used Ethanol instead of Isopropyl alcohol.
    Isopropyl Alcohol is a toxic alcohol causing skin irritation during repeated rubbing in hand
    but Ethanol does not cause skin irritation. We have used Glycerin and Aloe vera to soften
    skin. Aloe vera & Glycerin both have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. 80%
    alcohol has been used in GERMNIL instead of 70% according to WHO, which gives more
    microbicidal effect and more antiviral effect against corona virus.
     We have used Hydrogen peroxide instead of Chlorhexidine which kills spore bearing
     Stringent odor of alcohol in our GERMNIL is masked by very expensive lemon fragrance.
     We don’t use any artificial thickener like Carbomer for thickening the product. Carbomer
    may cause stickiness, skin irritation, phototoxicity and photo-contact allergenicity.

    6) Caution:
     Keep out of reach of children
     Keep it in normal room temperature
     Avoid direct exposure of solution to sunlight
     Flammable agent, Keep away from fire
     Avoid smelling directly from bottle
    7) Price:
    Product Name Pack Size Per Unit MRP Per Carton MRP
    Germnil 50 ml Hand Sanitizer 50 ml X 100 pcs 55 5500
    Germnil 250 ml Hand Sanitizer 250 ml X 20 pcs 220 4400
    Germnil 500 ml Hand Sanitizer 500 ml X 10 pcs 385 3850

    8) Certification & Accreditation: DGDA, BSTI & BCSIR

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