Deer Mother Dental Floss Stick

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Toothpick Holders made in china
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Why this floss?

Brush your teeth clean rate is 70%. The rest is the most stubborn the30%. Part is the most difficult to clean the teeth.


  • Full consideration of ergonomics design
  • Handle point anti-skid pattern plus popular lire design.
  • Fashionable appearance.
  • Is conductive to bond-held operation.
  • Multi-angle turning to use, the tall straight core design can be used as a toothpick to clean the teeth deeply.


How to choose a good dental floss?

  • Food-grade high molecular weight polyethylene fiber floss.
  • Can penetrate into deep seam, effectively clean the seam
  • Wear-resistant and non-breakable
  • The design of the tall toothpick kik can penetrate the inner side of the mouth more effectively
  • And clean the dental plaque inside the tooth effectively.


Health teeth are necessary

  • Scaling away the teeth and gums.
  • Elimination of small food residue.
  • Dental plaque.
  • Avoid residue of food and protect gums.


Usage method

  1. The floss of the floss rod is aligned with the gap between the teeth than moves left-right and slowly penetrates the gap between the teeth. Do not farce it in, it may damage the gums.
  2. Floss is attached to one of the teeth on the adjacent side. Gently pull up the floss to clean the adjacent sides of the tooth.
  3. Then slip the floss gently out of the gap of the teeth and clean the large residue with the end of the floss rod without line.

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