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Mi TV 4S 55 Inch UHD 4K

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Home Appliance Product in Bangladesh

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Home Appliances means those products which make our daily life easier. It’s also known as a ‘domestic appliance’. Most of the products in this category are electric machines and powered by electricity. We need a large number of household items for everyday life; starting from cooking, reserve food, washing clothes, decoration to the house and entertainment.

Cooking Appliance

We know that cooking is a very worrisome task. But we use many types of modern electric kitchen appliances. Such as, rice cooker, pressure cooker, gas stove, micro oven, electric oven, blender, grinder, water heater etc. Many people face many troubles after buying at the market. So you must be careful while buying a kitchen appliance. Some brands provide many facilities within home service. Like Singer, Jadroo, Walton, Hitachi, Transtec, Whirlpool, Philips etc. These brands have positive reviews.

Cleaning and Washing Machine

Is there anyone who has never suffered trouble cleaning the house and clothes? We think it's very rare. Anyone can use an electric home cleaner like vacuum cleaner, mop, robot cleaner etc. Another one is cloth washing. It is such a tough task. You can use a washing machine to reduce this suffering. But you must have knowledge of what kind of machine is perfect for you; top-loading washing or front loading washing machine. Different renowned washing machine brands you can choose. For example, Samsung, Singer, JadRoo, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Transtec etc.

Buy Original TV, Fridge, Air-condition

Television, Refrigerator and Air-condition are the major home appliances. TV is the important home appliance for entertainment. Nowadays the television size and shape has changed a lot. The invention of LED, LCD and Smart TV has added different levels of amazement. It helps you to gather wide range knowledge.

Refrigerators are one of the greatest home appliances for modern life. You can keep fresh meat, fish, vegetables and other food. There are many types of refrigerator available in offline and online shops. Such as, Top mount refrigerator, Bottom mount refrigerator, Side by side refrigerator, Chest freezer, Deep fridge and Upright freezer.

Air-conditioning plays an important role in making our life. We can’t imagine office, university, court and house comfort without air-conditioning. If you want to get rid of an extreme hot environment, then you must use an air conditioner or air cooler. Some brands you can choose like General, Gree, Sharp, Jadroo AC, Samsung etc. Jadroo air-condition made in China  You should also know about some basic features.

Some other essential home appliances for daily life

Iron is needed after the washing machine to keep the clothing comfort. You can iron your shirt, pant seat at home if you have an iron. Two types of electric iron are available in the market. First one Dry Iron and second one is Steam Iron. Dry Iron is so much better than a traditional Iron. This iron is auto maintained according to the fabrics.  Steam iron has to put water which steam produces. When you iron your clothes with this iron it produces the steam that helps to remove the creases easily. You can purchase renowned brand dry and steam iron according to your budget and need. Such as, Sebec, Philips, Transtec, JadRoo, Panasonic, Sony and many more.

Room heater, Water heater, Water purifier, Fan, Voltage stabilizer, Solar system, Led and Energy light and many more home appliance items are used every day. Our modern life remains incomplete without these appliances. 

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There are many companies home appliance products available in the market of Dhaka city. But it is so tough to find an authentic home appliance at a reasonable price. You can purchase any household product seating in your home at Jadroo online shop.

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Many online shops sell various types of home appliances. But customers face after service  problems. will release you from any of those problems. is one of the country's largest home appliance supplier. We import and manufacture quality home appliances from China and Hongkong. We also provide after sales services, panel warranty, home services, EMI facilities, 48 hours delivery, 7 days easy return and refund. So shopping from gives you a happy experience.

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